Your Blog Is An SEO Tool

Slawski found that Google considers blogs to contain three content types:

* The content of recent posts,
* A blogroll, and;
* Blog metadata (author profile information and/or other information about the blog or its author).

This is interesting. Successful bloggers have known this for awhile. Bill Slawski makes some interesting observations on his own blog, SEO By The Sea, regarding this. I find his commentary on the blog quality score quite interesting. What seems to be missing is the point that search engines could give more weight to one-way blog links as opposed to reciprocal links – even in the blogroll. There is no reason to assume otherwise.

Every page of a blog is considered a page on its own right. As a page, it will be treated just like any other web page by the search engines and that means keywords, anchor text, links and the whole ball of wax. If search engines treat blogs differently it’s only because blogs are still coming into their own. But there is no doubt that your blog can be used to increase your link popularity and search engine saturation, blogroll or not. Of course, smart bloggers will use the blogroll.

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