Pay per action going beyond Sign-ups

Clicking on a link may be easy but when it comes towards leaving the click to the actual humans for pay per action incentives is another. Google’s brainchild is simply brilliant. Unlike in the earlier months where adsense would mostly rely on clicks and then automatically credit revenues, today’s story is quite different.

On my end, this looks like a more feasible way in making the pay per click action logical. Remember that authentication of an actual human behind the keyboard is now a need and no longer will it be a matter of making adsense goes without a reason.

(Source) Now, I feel obliged to inform you that when I posed this suggestion to Rob Kniaz, product manager for Google’s advertising products, he was very quick to deny any intention to compete in the affiliate network space. “We think this is different from the traditional affiliate marketing industry”, said Kniaz. “[It’s an] extension of the current AdWords product”. Oh really? Kind of like how Google doesn’t see itself competing with Microsoft’s office suite.

There are a lot of sites today that will surely cry foul. But let us face it. We should not cheat the good people who use adsense to the letter and with this new pay per action hoopla, it all seems like a threat to the evolving pay per click effort which provides users some sort of revenue each time a single click is made.

This time around, you have to undergo a series of authentication proceedings like official sign-ups before you can really get the dough. And above all, for Google, it is a type of strategy to help push the adsense referrals system which really needs to be pushed. All’s fair in love and war, pay per action included.

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