Google Maps Doesn’t Need Your Address, But I Do

(Source) Have you ever been traveling and needed to get directions from your hotel to another destination in town, like a restaurant you keep hearing about?

Now you can type in any location where you want to go — whether it’s a specific street address, a business name like Fuzzy Buddy’s Dog Daycare, or even something more general like “florist” — and we’ll help you get directions. We’ll even automatically try to find the closest results for you.

This is actually a good thing. I like the idea of being able to get directions to some place if I don’t know the address. Thanks Google.

But don’t think that this means you don’t need to give Google your address if you expect people to find your business. Some people will still know your address and will look for directions to your place of business by address. Plus, if they find your business through one of the local yellow pages websites or a local directory then that address will come in handy. Besides, your address will optimize your website for local search, so it is a necessity at least on your website.

The key to local online marketing is to give your prospects as many ways and reasons to find you as possible. Don’t just settle on one vehicle of avenue of approach. Think of as many ways as you can of how people will look for and find your business online, and make it easy for them. That includes optimizing your website with your address and submitting your address to all the local directories and yellow page.

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