Can Blogging Make A Difference – Ask HP

Blogs can benefit a business in many ways such as increasing links and providing a means to market your product or brand. However, as I have mentioned in a previous post on blogging, you can gain a lot of mileage by partnering with blogs you don’t own and leveraging their search rankings.

HP did just that to market their ‘Dragon’ laptop computer. They partnered with 31 of the top tech blogs and got them to blog about the product by running a contest. With a $5000 prize for the winner, you can image they didn’t have to twist too many arms to get them to participate.

The results, the first five pages of Google’s search results were related to that marketing campaign. What sort of reach did the marketing program have? It generated over 380,000 links, attracted 25,000 entries, and an increase in sales by 85%.

That is blogging at its most powerful best. You may not achieve the same sort of numbers, however even 10% of those number would satisfy most business owners.

A post on Marketing Pilgrim highlights the whole campaign. What is the overall effect on HP:

I spoke to Chris Aarons at Buzz Corps who told me how HP was not doing any social media prior to engaging them. Today they showcase their employees blogs and have HP blogs, videos, and podcasts. He explained how PR firms typically get the inital push on a product. Social media campaigns keep the buzz going or in the case of HP – they resurrect it.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways of getting your message across. Use a power marketing as described and you will see you traffic and conversions grow.

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