Google Earth, iPhones And Local Search

Google have released a new feature for their Google Earth application that will bring more life to Local Search. In fact, if you haven’t claimed your business in Local Search it may be a good idea to get it done soon. The new application allows users to bring up businesses within an area being looked at.

The Google Earth application allows iPhone users to view good quality satellite images of a given area. As the name suggests, the “Businesses Layer” add the ability to view business information. The Google Lat Long blog states:

You’ll find businesses like restaurants, bars, banks, gas stations, and grocery stores all just a touch away. By clicking on the icons, you’ll get additional information like the telephone number, reviews, hours, and much more. And don’t forget, as you zoom in further, more businesses become visible.

Whilst designed for the iPhone, it won’t be long before the technology becomes available to all mobile technology, You can image how much value there is in having your business details come up whenever someone is viewing your area.

Claiming your business through Local Search means you can include details such as telephone number, web site, along with important information such as opening hours. Mobile technology is growing fast. To be competitive you need to take advantage of every possible situation. Local search has a lot of benefits – this just adds to that list.

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