Do You Frighten Your Subscribers Away?

The concept of Web 2.0 involved, amongst other things, the sharing of information. One popular way to receive information has been through subscriptions to RSS feeds and newsletters. However, there is one slight problem with this process and that comes with the word subscribe and subscriptions.

For most of us, talk about subscribing to something and we think of cost. How much will it cost me to subscribe? If you have a blog or if your web site invites readers to subscribe – that very invitation can be a turn off.

There have been several articles written in the past related to this topic along with several studies that have tested the implications of the use of the word ’subscribe’. One of the best is from Copyblogger. The test conducted by Copyblogger saw an incredible 250% jump in subscribers, simply by changing the wording and removing any reference to subscribing.

Not every web site can expect a jump along those lines, however, you can do your own test to see what differences you can define. For example, instead of using a button that says “subscribe to our newsletter”, try changing it to something more inviting such as “sign up for our free newsletter“.

The chances are you will see an increase in subscriber numbers. If you play around a little with the actual text used you may be able to hit upon an invitation that is perfect for your site. One thing I do know, you have nothing to lose!

Newsletter subscribers are valuable assets. You have an audience that has welcomed you into their letterbox (inbox anyway). Tastefully put together e-newsletters that don’t oversell can lead to increased sales.

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