Will Search Engines Be Forced To Specialize

The web is becoming a huge resource with literally billions of pages floating in the ether. You would imagine that at some point, even the search engines will have to grind to halt through sheer volume. The alternative is that millions of pages are simply left unindexed.

It is an interesting scenario that is developing and it how the search engines handle the problem will determine the future of search, SEO and indeed the web. Search engines could start to clear out the clutter from many years ago, removing content that it thinks is out of date. Webmasters I am sure will get around that by creating some method to update all their pages.

Ultimately, the real alternative is that search engines may be forced to specialize in the content they index. Marketing Pilgrim in a recent post identified that Bing seemed to be concentrating on travel and shopping with, for some reason, finance doing well.

A report today on WebProNews suggests that Yahoo! is concentrating on people.

“When we launch this, you’re going to come to Yahoo to search for people,” Larry Cornett, VP Search Products and Design is quoted as saying.

Having specialist search engines does make sense in the long run. How they divide that pie will make for an interesting battle although I feel that, if it ever does happen, it will be accident and not by careful planning – after all this is the net we are talking about – nothing seems to happen by planning.

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