Online Advertising – Banner Ads Still Have Some Value

It has been obvious for a long time that banner ads are not an effective form of online advertising. Back in May we noted that banner advertising was the least effective form of online advertising. This has now been confirmed with statistics showing that less than 50% of small businesses intend using banners in 2010.

The big surprise is that many of them intend beefing up their email advertising campaigns. Traditional media like TV and Radio are big losers in the latest survey with less than 30% of small businesses considering their use.

These statistics should not be seen as the end of banner ads, however. They still have an important use if designed and used cleverly. Rather than using banners to drive clicks and sales, banners can offer be the perfect platform for promoting brand awareness. Rather than designing your banner to receive a click, design it to imprint on memories.

It is also to remember some of the information that has come out regarding user habits and what has been working and what hasn’t. For example, we mentioned recently that research has shown that multiple displays work far better than single displays.

With this is in mind, buying online real estate that enables you to display more than one banner may help to increase brand awareness – you may find you can get cheaper prices by buying in multiples as well.

Banner ads – they lost their effectiveness a long time ago when it comes to driving sales, but they still hold value when it comes to promoting brand awareness.

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