UK Search Up 35% In 2009 – Who Says Search Is Dead?

If anyone tries to tell you that search is dying or dead – don’t believe them. At least, if you check the statistics from comScore for search 2008-2009 it may open your eyes a little. Year on year for global search, the numbers are up 46%. That represents a huge jump.

Breaking the numbers down, it may seem that a couple of anomalies could have swayed these figures. Russia, for example, was up 92% – however, in the bigger picture, Russia only accounts for around 4% of all searches so, while their increase was huge, it won’t have had a major bearing on the overall numbers.

The numbers that do interest us is the rise in search here in the UK. That is up by 35% – or in pure numbers, an increase of around 1.6 billion searches. The UK was the fourth highest behind the US, China and Japan in terms of search numbers. France saw a growth of 61% and Germany 38% so the rise in search in Europe in general is also up.

When it comes to search properties, Google still leads the way with growth at 58%. Microsoft properties rose by 70% while Yahoo! could only manage a 13% increase in volume. Other sites of interest include eBay up 58%, Facebook up 54% and the Ask network up 43%.

What does this mean for the future? Search is still strong and still growing. The increase in search for properties like eBay indicates an increase in consumer spending, or at least curiosity. I won’t go so far as to say an increase in consumer confidence until more robust statistics on general trade come out. However, a huge increase in eBay numbers mean that more people are starting to look at buying.

If you maintain a business that services the local community here in Scotland, now is the time to develop an online presence. With search numbers increasing, particularly when it comes to local and mobile searches, having presence may lead to an increase in traffic through your business. People are looking – will they find you or your competitors?

If you need more information on how to give your business an online presence, contact us. We can help you with everything from web design and hosting through to search engine optimisation and social marketing.

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