Don’t Be Too Quick To Dismiss Google Buzz

Google Buzz, Google’s foray into social media, has been released and the comments generally are pretty much in the negative – but then, this is Google – everyone’s favourite kicking post. I have to agree with a lot of what has been said, however, the critics do seem to have missed a few important areas with this new feature.

The biggest ‘miss’ for Google is the limitation of the service to Gmail users. There are millions of people who use social media yet never have and probably never will have Gmail accounts. If they do use Gmail, it is only so they can access Google services like AdSense.

This does narrow one’s ability to communicate in a real social sense. However, there are times when you need to look at some features with a different pair of glasses – in this case, not as a social media outlet, but as an advertising opportunity. Google are pretty good at capitalising on advertising revenue. In fact, there are many small businesses that concentrate their advertising through the content network and Gmail.

Advertising through Buzz could be just as lucrative for those businesses that have been well branded. In fact, Buzz may well beat Twitter to an income generating model, not that Twitter is keen to go down an AdSense style of advertising path.

Google Buzz may not do a lot for a business when it comes to social media marketing, but don’t dismiss it yet. It may prove to be another option when it comes to online advertising.

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