Jerrod Ankenman wins WSOP Event 42, $2,500 Mixed

WSOP 2009

Day 3 of Event #46, $2,500 Mixed, kicked off with 14 players looking to make the final table. When it was whittled down to 9 here’s what the chip count looked like:

Jerrod Ankenman — 1.2 million

Jon Turner — 591,000

Sergey Altbregin — 387,000

Eric Crain — 355,000

Jeff Tims — 260,000

Chris Klodnicki — 109,000

Dario Alioto — 103,000

Layne Flack — 60,000

The two shortest stacks didn’t get any reprise when they were both the first to be eliminated at the final table. In a stud hand, Dario Alioto called off the last of his chips on sixth street vs Jon Turner. Alioto held sevens and fives for two pair and Turner held trip nines. Alioto bricked the river and was sent on his way with nice cash of $25,860.

Well known togel online pro Layne Flack also went out during the stud round. Flack moved in on fifth street with split eights and Eric Crain called with split nines. Flack improved to eights up on sixth street, but Crain also improved to nines up. Flack failed to fill up on the river and was on his bike in seventh place, taking home $30,674.

Eric Crain was the next to go. The major hand that broke the camel’s back came in Hold’ m when he moved all in pre AhKh but was caught by the AA of Sergey Altbregin with pocket aces. Altbregin doubled up to 600,000 and Crain was left with a lowly 160,000. The very next hand, Jerrod Ankenman raised to 30,000 and Crain moved all in. Ankenman called with 88 to Crain’s KQo. Unfortunately the board bricked for Crain’s and he bombed out in sixth place, for $38,075.

Jon Turner was sent packing in fifth. Jerrod Ankenman raised preflop and Tuner called with the last of his chips. Sergey Altbregin and Chris Klodnicki also came along for the ride. This gave Turner great value for his hand as he stood to quadruple up. The flop came 9d8c7s and was checked around. The turn fell the 8s and action was checked to Klodnicki who bet out. Ankenman was the only caller and the river was the 6d which both players checked. Ankenman turned over K9o for nines up. Klodnicki tabled 76o and Turner flipped up AJo. Ankenman won the pot and Turner headed off with $49,569!

Jeff Tims was busted next when he moved all in preflop during no-limit hold’em and got called by Klodnicki. Tims’ A5dd was in trouble with the A6hh of Klodnicki. Klodnicki flopped well with KhQs7h and the turn left Tims drawing dead when the 4h. Jeff Tims finished in fourth place and took home $67,848.

Chris Klodnicki however was the next person out when he raised from the button to 30,000 preflop during a pot-limit Omaha hand. Jerrod Ankenman called and the flop came 9d4s3s. Ankenman checked and Klodnicki fired out 72,000. Ankenman re-potted to 288,000 and Klodnicki moved in for 375,000 total. Ankenman made the call with AsKsKc2h for the nut flush draw, a wheel draw, and a pair. While Klodnicki held Ac9h6c3c for two pair only. The turn fell the Ts to fill Ankenman’s flush, and the river bricked. Klodnicki finished in third place. $97,897!

Heads-up play began with Sergey Altbregin holding a 400k lead on Jerrod Ankenman. Altbregin had 1.8 million to the 1.41 million of Ankenman. Ankenman took a series of pot off Altbregin during Omaha hi/lo to move into a pretty massive chip lead with 2.39 million to just 700,000. Altbregin slipped further down to 415,000 before committing the last of his chips during a no-limit hold’em hand which would give the prize and bracelet to Ankenman.

On the flop of 3c6d4s, Ankenman bet out 50,000 and Altbregin responded by pushing all in. Ankenman made the call with 6c5s for top pair and a straight draw, while Altbregin held Jd4dfor middle pair only. The turn fell the 7c to give Ankenman his straight and Sergey Altbregin finished as runner-up for this event, taking home $149,342!

Ankenman took home $241,637 in prize money and the bracelet! gg

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