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Online jigsaw puzzles in the most beautiful variety

Ravensburger WebPuzzles is the international, high-quality online puzzle platform for all puzzle fans. The puzzle game offers a large variety of puzzle motifs and many useful additional functions that increase the fun with a web puzzle. You can choose from over 400 puzzle motifs and puzzle them online in 20 to 500 pieces . All puzzle motifs in 20 parts can be placed free of charge, all you need to do is register.

You will find the large selection of online jigsaw puzzles sorted into individual jigsaw categories: jigsaw puzzles such as landscapes, works of art, motifs from technology, sport or fantasy, jigsaw puzzles with animals, historical buildings, cities and skylines, close-ups (close-ups), as well as flowers and gardens. You can also find comics & cartoons here as puzzle games , as well as relaxing puzzle motifs in the Harmony category. Among the WebPuzzles online you will also find famous monuments, breathtaking landscapes, cute and exotic animals, fantastic worlds, as well as themes with colorful flowers, cars, trains and more. For example, do a jigsaw puzzle in New York at night, the Colosseum in Rome or the Brandenburg Gate, yachts in the azure sea, small cats, horses, Picasso’s paintings or Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa”. In the “Most Popular Puzzles” category you will find puzzles that WebPuzzles users particularly enjoy doing and have rated highly. In the “Newest Puzzles” category you will find the latest WebPuzzles and in “All Puzzles” you have an overview of all online puzzles on Ravensburger WebPuzzles . The variety of motifs together with the high level of user-friendliness of the platform and the fun of playing gives you a completely new user experience when doing puzzles online. Learn about Ravensburger Puzzles here

Putting jigsaw puzzles online makes the Ravensburger classic even more fascinating on the internet. Simple operating elements and tools enable an easy and comfortable introduction to online jigsaw puzzles . Puzzle piece by puzzle piece, the motif is put together and the fun continues in the online community. Motifs that have already been started can even be temporarily saved. The offer also offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people, to collect and exhibit awards, to compete with other puzzlers on the leaderboard and to immortalize yourself with your own motifs. Guests and registered users can puzzle online for freeand access different functions. All advantages and a selection of tools of the Ravensburger online puzzle are fully available to our WebPuzzler Premium .

Special campaigns often start here, such as sweepstakes and treasure hunts, where you can win great prizes. Here you can also upload your own motifs and put them online as a web puzzle . Ravensburger WebPuzzles are colourful, entertaining and relaxing. And many new motifs for the puzzle games are added every week .

Experience the most beautiful variety of puzzles with the Ravensburger WebPuzzles! and do all the WebPuzzles online.

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