Review Sites And SEO For Scotland Local Businesses

If you have a local business here in Scotland then you really should have a listing in the local search engines. If you sell products then a product listing would also be of use. Local search and product listings both make use of reviews. However, you need to get your reviews on sites that Google uses to retrieve data. These sites include:

  •, and

This list is not comprehensive but they are amongst the biggest review sites servicing the UK. When it comes to product search, positive reviews can help your products climb the ladder of results. Like all search results, the higher your listing the better.

By the way, reviews are not the only data used in product search listings. Having your product at a cheaper price than others is one sure way to get to the top. However, if your product is the same price as a competitors’ then having a swag of positive reviews will help boost your listing above your competitors.

SEO is not just about link building and keywords. When considering what optimisation strategies are needed to promote a web site, you often need to think beyond organic search. Product search and local search are two areas where a good optimisation campaign can see results in significant boosts to a site’s search placement.

It should also be remembered that local search and product search results are now being shown within dedicated windows in organic search results where appropriate. I discussed in a previous post how a web site could appear multiple times on a single search results page – you can add product search to that list. How can you use review sites as part of your SEO strategy? There are many ways. Sometimes the easiest is to simply ask your customers to leave a review with the link pointing to one of the review sites.

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