What Collectors Should Know About Early hypixel skyblock coins Silver Dollars

Early silver dollars are extremely popular with people who collect United States hypixel skyblock coins as a hobby. Collectors should do enough research to know a few basic facts about them if they plan on searching for older silver dollars to add to a collection. The U.S. minted the first silver dollars in 1794 with a limited production run of 1,758 pieces. The fact that so few were made is the main reason they are a great find for anyone who is serious about collecting rare coins, especially since only approximately 130 are still around today.

That first silver dollar features an image of liberty with her hair blowing back over her shoulders and collectors commonly call it the Flowing Hair dollar. The mint used that original design for just one year until 1795 when the Draped Bust design took its place and remained until 1804.

Since they are so rare, collectors should always take care to verify authenticity when purchasing these coins and only buy those that are certified. Before buying any rare coin, it is crucial to look for proof of certification by ANACS, ICG, NGC or PCGS or have coins in an existing collection graded by any of those services.

An Unexpected Rarity

Early United States Dimes are a specialty area that not many collectors have pursued. It is more typical for collectors to look towards the higher denominations with larger sized coins, which provided a more full display of the designs.

The series of Capped Bust Dimes from 1809 to 1837 perhaps warrants more exploration. The basic design had been used prior on the half dollar, half eagle, quarter eagle, and quarter dollar. The obverse depicts a mature Liberty figure wearing a cap with locks of curly hair falling beneath. The reverse depicts an eagle with shield at breast atop an olive branch and arrows.

A cursory glance of the mintage figures for the series shows that the 1809 and 1811 have the lowest numbers at 51,065 and 65,180. Typically, the coins with the lowest mintages end up being the scarcest issues or the key dates of the series. In this instance that is not so. The 1822 with a reported mintage of 100,000 pieces is considerably more difficult to acquire. It seems that a great portion of this mintage was melted, leaving considerably fewer survivors for collectors.

This is one instance where the scarcest coin is somewhat unexpected. It pays to perform more in depth research of these early US coin series for greater appreciation and possible opportunities.

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