Win a chance in a lifetime cruise

Imagine combining the thrill of playing bingo for huge payouts, with a luxurious Caribbean holiday. If you are even slightly captivated by this attractive scenario, you will be knocked for six, to find out that it is going to be made a reality.

toto sgp Entertainment Ltd (, operator of BINGOGALA™ (, BingoMEGA (, Premier Bingo ( and many other online bingo games, will be the 2006 main sponsor of the hugely successful World Championship Bingo Tournament.

The Tournament will take place aboard a deluxe cruise ship which will take bingo players to the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean. The itinerary includes stops at three ports in Central America; Panama, Costa Rica and Belize and offers exclusive excursions in each city. Bingo voyagers will be treated to a unique and fun-packed experience which will create memories to last a lifetime.

Bingo players’ appetites will also be satisfied with a Bingo Entertainment Bingo Tournament, offering guaranteed cash and prizes worth $80,000.00 including a final blackout game that will pay $10,000.00! The popular “Symphony of Slots” and “Bugle Blackjack” Tournaments are also on the agenda, providing maximum fun and more chances to win!

Bingo Entertainment Ltd is very proud to be the main sponsor of this fantastic event and looks forward to creating special memories for participating bingo players. The cruise will essentially bring together a virtual and friendly bingo-playing community, making it possible for players to share their gaming interests, have fun and make new friends.

For your chance to go on this fantastic cruise just play at any one of Bingo Entertainment Ltd’s bingo rooms and earn Cruise Miles. The players with the most Cruise Miles get to go on the cruise.

Bingo World Championship.

Don’t Miss YOUR Chance!

Bingo Entertainment Ltd, would like to remind everyone that there is still time to qualify for the final of the Bingo World Championship.

February is the last month for qualifying where 5 people will be put forward based on the Most Games Played.

Start playing and you could be one of the lucky 180 players to qualify for the no-holds-barred final game, with $10,000 in CASH!

Raided poker club gets its money back

A magistrate has ruled that poker players of a private Belfast club raided by police at the weekend should get their money back.

The raid took place during a poker game in which the police ordered up to 200 players, including respected members of the community, to stop playing.

The Cavendish is a well known club featuring on Sky TV and hosting the online Texas Hold’em Poker Open.

The court was told the police took action due to the number of similar clubs recently opening, the raid being carried out under the Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusement (NI) Order 1985.

After seizing over £23,000 from the Cavendish Club police lodged a Proceeds of Crime application at Belfast Magistrates Court in order to retain the money as evidence.

Sean Murphy, the club’s owner, stated to the court that the club did not make a profit; he purely wanted to put down a marker in case casinos were legalized in Northern Ireland.

The purpose of the Proceeds of Crime legislation is to deal with elements causing harm to society through drugs or other nefarious activities; Magistrate Desmond Perry believed this was not the case with the Cavendish club, adding that Mr. Murphy was a respectable businessman who had not disputed the source of the money.

“I see no reason for the further detention of this money and it is left to Mr. Murphy to se that it is returned to those people to whom it belongs because I feel he won’t be re-opening the Cavendish Club,” Mr. Perry added.

Mr. Murphy stated he would do his best to comply with the magistrate’s wishes.

Kevin Winters, the defense solicitor added “The law covering the playing of poker needs to be sorted out.

“My client is satisfied with the outcome of the case but takes issue with the heavy-handed manner in which this case was brought to court.”

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